Superenthusiastic graphic designer and art director,based in Berlin. I enjoy working on brands, illustrationsand creating visual stories with vectors.

Hello! I am Adriana.
Graphic designer and art director from Italy. My work is defined by strong colours, using sceneries, images and shapes that mainly derive from my cultural heritage, mixed and reinterpreted.

I gathered my experience working for the design studio Badia Boutique (2016) and the 3D printing company Formlabs (2017-2018). Currently I am working as Art Director in Heimat Berlin.

I collaborated to cultural projects such as the Berlin Student Film Festival and ShowUsYourType. In particular, for the latter I designed the cover poster for the Naples edition.

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︎ Awards
The One Club 2020 / Silver
(Voice of the Wall)
The One Club 2020 / Bronze
(Voice of the Wall)
ADC Global 2020 / Gold
(Voice of the Wall)
ADC Global 2020 / Silver
(Voice of the Wall)
ADC Global 2020 / Bronze
(Voice of the Wall)
ADC Germany 2020 / Bronze (McDonald's McFamilies)
ADC Germany 2020 / 2xMerits (McDonald's McFamilies)
EPICA 2019 / Bronze (McDonald's McFamilies)

Contest Il Segno del Tempo (2016)
ADI Design

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